The Inspire Awards - Celebrating Diversity & Inclusion in UK Construction, Engineering & Housing

EVENT: July 2022, date to be announced

No matter what our differences no one should be excluded from achieving their potential. In the backdrop of a national skills crisis, Brexit and an ageing workforce, it is now more important than ever to attract a more diverse workforce. And this shouldn’t stop with the industry’s people but extend to its practices and projects, stating the case for a truly inclusive built environment which caters for all.

The purpose of The Inspire Awards is to help inspire a more diverse and inclusive culture in the industry by celebrating those who are leading the way.

Are you reshaping expectations and inspiring others who – whether due to gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, age, disability, culture or other irrelevant difference – might not have considered a career in the built environment?

Are you a company that truly recognises the importance of equality?  Does your organisation create an inclusive environment in which all employees are inspired to thrive?  Are you helping to remove the barriers that may be stopping people from pursuing a career in the sector?

We want to hear about projects that are inspiring examples to others in the industry:  Both building projects that have are a truly inclusive design and embrace the additional needs of their inhabitants/ users and initiatives that have brought diverse communities together through smart inclusion.