The Inspire Awards - Celebrating Diversity & Inclusion in UK Construction, Engineering & Housing

AWARD ENTRY: Most Inspiring Training Programme

This category is open to companies and organisations within the construction, engineering & housing sectors.

Training is a critical component of any equality, diversity and inclusion strategy.  But it relies on a robust overall programme which can be conveyed in the training to demonstrate an organisation’s serious commitment.

Does your training build on your overall programme to educate your stakeholders about the importance and relevance of EDI, how the overall EDI programme works and what individual trainees’ roles are with respect to EDI?  Do you ensure that all parts of your operations deliver adequate training e,g, your workforce, supply chain, joint venture partners? Does your training extend to supporting all individuals to develop, including diverse individuals in equal measure?   

You may nominate the same company under multiple categories, but a separate nomination form must be completed for each category